Clipping Hand is the Best Photo Editing studio, highly skilled in Photo editing photo manipulation service and Clipping Path Service. The Clipping path is one of the most popular and perfect method for remove background from an image/ photo, then Quick selection tool or Magic wand tool. We offer the furthermost and sole hand drawn manual clipping path service, but what exactly does it intend?

In one word Clipping Path Service means isolating the background from an image with the hand drawing clipping path perfect selection. Simply put, a clipping path is an outline created manually by hand around an image/photo which allows you to remove the background from its object.

It is a closed vector path or outlook, in generally marked with a Photoshop pen tool to cut-out desired image from its background. Once the clipping path is created, everything on the inside of the clipping path, is included in the final cut and everything outside is leaving backside. Something you don’t need to take place in the final image – whether it’s a background can be removed.

Do you need Clipping Path Service online, then contact with Clipping Hand to get adorable quality at almost approachable prices and soon turnaround time.


Clipping Hand Offers following Clipping Path Service:


Basic Clipping Path Service:

Basic shapes that require 10 minutes (maximum) for hand drawing clipping path and removing background with highest exactness. These are Images without any studded clearness (holes) and have simple curves.

Rate: Ranges from $ 0.29 – $0.59 (including VAT and no hidden costs)


Compound Clipping Path Service:

Compound Clipping Path is done on items compound shapes that require maximum 30 minutes to hand draw a clipping path and removing background with propriety. These images may have some studded clearness (holes) or many curves in the image.

Rate: Ranges from $ .99 – $ 1.99 (including VAT and no hidden costs)


Complex Clipping Path Service:

Clipping Hand is the best and the lovesome name to the client from all around the earth. We offer the most dependable complex clipping path service through online recognizing the best quality level at most and affordable pricing and with fast turnaround time.
All hard items or products, prototyping complex shapes are done by a complex clipping path that require maximum 60 minutes (1 hour) for hand-drawing clipping-path and knocking out background with maximum accuracy.

Rate: Maximum $ 3.99 (including VAT and no hidden costs).


Super Complex Clipping Path Service:

Super Complex Clipping Path is done on items or products, prototyping complex shapes that require more than 1 hour for hand-drawn clipping path with accuracy. It is fundamentally acclimated or implied on the fine march jewelries, bloom bouquet and fashion models or in various accustomed details.

Rate: Maximum $ 7.99 (including VAT and no hidden costs)


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